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For over 50 years, Setra has developed a unique understanding of pressure sensing technology. Our team of engineers designs some of the most robust, accurate, and reliable capacitive sensing transducers available. Choose a category below to see our pressure sensing products: Setra MRG differential pressure transmitter. Multi-range selectable. Pressure Transmitters - Liquid. Setra 206 and 207 Liquid Pressure Transducers. The Setra 231 Series Multi-Range Differential Pressure Transmitter is ideal for monitoring pumps and load differential pressures in HVAC systems and processes where local indication is needed.

Setra transmitter

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It measures gauge pressure and can be used with gases or liquids compatible with 17-4 PH stainless steel. The 209 Series is packaged in a rugged, stainless steel/Valox housing, which is small and lightweight. The Setra Model M230 Differential Pressure Transmitter is a highly accurate differential pressure transmitter that incorporates a capacitive technology to produce a linear electronic signal proportional to the differential pressure. Setra Systems 2561250PG2M11 Model 256 Industrial Pressure Transducer, Rugged, Reliable, Nema4, Gauge Pressure, 0-250 psig, 1/4" NPT Male, 4-20 mA, 11 Point Cal Cert: Industrial & Scientific Setra SRH Outdoor Air Mount Humidity Transmitter Setra’s SRH outdoor humidity sensor offers optional active temperature with choice of 4 to 20 mA or user-selectable 0 to 5 or 0 to 10 VDC output and passive temperature with choice of thermistor or RDT output.

In Stock. Buss Setra S 417 HDH 'Varan'.


Setra 2391-050WD-11-02-W-NN Differential Pressure Transmitter. Cadmium-free and Hypoallergenic, Easy to polish  Setra · Solem · Sula ungdomssskule · Setra · Solem · Sula vidaregåande skule · Setra Reinsfjell transmitter, large tower Reinsfjell transmitter, small tower. Studio- & scenutrustning AKG PT420 Band M, Pocket Transmitter, For the AKG WMS420 DT Packningar SETRA,NEOPLAN,PADANE 6.33092 5000040277  are a type of acoustic sensor divided into three broad categories: transmitters, Condensation Switch A0095450524 For Mercedes-Benz O 500/Setra S  Norra Skogsägarna, Finndomo AB, SCA Forest Products AB, Setra Group AB, Allmän beskrivning HygroFlex3-seriens enheter är universella transmitters för  best top 10 kaos bismania new setra list and get free shipping · best top 10 top 8 most popular fiber video transmitter ideas and get free shipping · top 8 most  Liebherr Pressure Transmitter.

Setra transmitter

Nibe Varmvattenberedare VPBS 300 CU till asbilligt pris.

Setra transmitter

Supply of Setra SRH30011W1RPNNMAAA and other Humidity Transmitters, Temperature Instruments. Lowest Price Possible Setra has devoted its engineering and research efforts to the development of transducers and systems based on the highly accurate variable capacitive transduction principle. Founded in 1967, Setra Systems, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of pressure, acceleration, and weight sensing devices. Setra maintains a complete calibration facility that is traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).

Setra transmitter

The stainless steel/Valox housing provides a rugged, lightweight package.
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Setra 209 Liquid Pressure Transducers. Setra Systems Model 209 series pressure transducers have been designed specifically for industrial applications with demanding price and performance requirements. The 209 offers exceptional reliability in typical industrial grade environments.

Lowest Price Possible $245.00 to $299.98 (2 offers) - Buy Setra 2301100PD3V11B Pressure Transmitter 24VDC 4-20MA . Brand: Setra . Mpn: 2301100pd3v11b .
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Cadmium-free and Hypoallergenic, Easy to polish  Setra · Solem · Sula ungdomssskule · Setra · Solem · Sula vidaregåande skule · Setra Reinsfjell transmitter, large tower Reinsfjell transmitter, small tower.